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Poisoning                         Poisoning                           Poisoning                      Poisoning                       Poisoning



A poison is any substance ,solid,liquid,or gas, that tends to impair health , or cause death ,when introduced

 into the body or onto the skin surface.   


 Small children are especially likely to  become poisoning victims since they tend  to put into their mouths

nearly everything that They pick up .However, adults are subject to Poisoning also.

A. Frequent causes of  poisoning .

1. Overdoses of aspirin,especially.

2. Medicines left within reach of children.

3. Poisons transferred fram the original containers to jars or  soft drink bottles. 

 4. Carelessness on the part of parent in leaving dangerous substances around, particularly when children cannot yet  read.

5. Lack of supervision and disposal of  substances.  

6. Improper storage poisonous.

B.  Exampel of poisons around the home .

 Poisonous substances within the home

environment are extremely prevalent ,and it  would be difficult to name all of them.

 A few typical household poisons are listed below:

1. Cosmetics, hair preparations .                   2. casoline,kerosene,and other petroleum  products.

3. Paint and turpentine.                          4. Strong detergents.                   5. Bleaches .

C.Ways in which poisoning may accur .

1.By mouth                              2.By absorption                      3.By inhalation                      4.By injection    


Symptoms of poisoning vary greatly. Aids in determining whether or not a victim has swallowed poison include. 

A. Information from the victim or from an observer.

B. Presence of a container known to contain  poison.

C. Condition of the victim (sudden onset of pain or illness.)

D. Burn around the lips or mouth.

E. Breath odor.

F. Pupils of the eyes contracted to pinpoint  size from an overdose of morphine or similar  drugs.


   The objections in treatment of poisoning by mouth are to dilute or neutralize the poison as quickly as possible, to induce vomiting to  maintain respiration, to preserve vital functions, and to seek medical assistance without delay.



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