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(( History & Origine  ))

Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRCS), formerly known as the Red Lion and Sun, was formed in 1923 and recognized by the International Committee of Red Cross in the same year. It was in 1927 when the Society joined the League of Red Cross, now known as the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. In 1980, Islamic Republic of Iran decided to give up the Red Lion and Sun and used Red Crescent in its place.

  From the very beginning, the Society has been participating in many public activities namely building hospitals, setting up free clinics, supplying water, constructing graveled roads, opening centers for children and youths, establishing nursery schools, rendering relief services to the beneficiaries and providing them with social welfare, manufacturing as well as distributing medicines and hygienic products, and rendering orthopedics services throughout her centers all over the country.

Now the paramedics of the islamic republic of Iran are ready to help all people in world .




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